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5 Eco-Friendly Compost Gardening Equipment for the Summer

Summer is the prime season for gardeners and composters to begin turning their scraps into compost. There are a variety of gardening tools and accessories available to take care of your flowers and garden; and then there are products that take gardening to the next plateau. Compost is the result of recycling decomposed natural and biodegradable organic material into rich nutrient topsoil, and a better alternative to processed fertilizer thus improving the quality of your soil and the environment. It is a necessity to keep our planet thriving for the sake of our planet’s health in the present and the near future.

Here is a simple list of some eco-friendly compost gardening equipment\nthat should prove useful for gardeners and gardeners-to-be to make your recreation just a bit greener.

1. Compost Bins – For passive composters, the tried-and-true compost bin is your best friend. All it needs is a little space in the yard, the appropriate scraps thrown in, and let nature do its thing. There are bins that are built with insulation properties beneficial for both warm and cold weather and others such as the automatic indoor composters that do all the work for you to accelerate the process.

2. Compost Tumblers – For active composters who prefer a more hands-on approach, compost tumblers are the way to do things your way. Personally monitoring your compost pile allows you to control every aspect of composting. From moisture to temperature level, compost tumblers give you the flexibility to make compost at your own pace.

3. Rain Barrels – Who doesn’t love free water? With the drought problem plaguing many parts of the country, it’s not a bad idea to leave a rain barrel underneath the gutters and let Mother Nature help you out (when she decides to of course) and use that saved water for your lawn and garden instead of the costly municipal water from the hose.

4. Chipper Shredder – When you’ve got yard wastes a little too big and clunky to dispose of or place in your composter, chipper shredders are useful and compact shredding machines that shred most yard materials such as leaves, small branches, and grass clippings usable as compostable scraps, garden mulch, or wood chips for ground cover.

5. Reel Lawn Mower – This one is a no-brainer, since reel mowers don’t have an engine, don’t blow exhaust, and don’t use fuel. And while rotary mowers tear the grass, reel mowers gently cut them, making it less traumatic for the lawn itself. Don’t forget to compost the cuttings!


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  1. Marge Rugama
    Marge Rugama 20 May, 2010, 02:58

    I just stopped by from Yahoo to say thanks for this very informative post on natural gardening. Thanks again!

  2. Roll Forming Line
    Roll Forming Line 13 January, 2011, 06:34

    Nice post. I think we all should take a look at these equipment closely and try to buy them that can be quite helpful for us in our gardening. Thanks for posting.

  3. Natural Organic Fertilizer
    Natural Organic Fertilizer 19 January, 2011, 02:13

    Really a nice post. I am sure that these compost gardening equipment would be useful in gardening. Thanks for posting and sharing it with us.

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