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New Planet Discovered

Using NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope, astronomers have found the very first Earth-size planet orbiting a star within the “habitable zone” — the number of length from the star where liquid

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Disgusting what is man able to eat

DEEP FRIED RAT A part of me is scared the rat will run-off my dish. LIVE COBRA In Vietnam, you

Art developed by Serial Murders

Arthur Shawcross – convicted of killing 14 victims Keith Hunter Jesperson – convicted of killing at-least 8 females Charles Ng

Crazy Photos From Asia

Everyone is different in this world, and these pics don’t represent every person in Asia, so either accept it, or

Coins of ancient Rome

Nude Figures and Erotic Images on Ancient Coins. These coins were made in Rome around the first century BC and

Divorce Cakes

The marriage may be over, but not the fun. Meet 12 examples of people expressing their feelings with cake “art”.

Quantum Scientist Claims That Our Consciousness Lives After Death

When published “Biocentrism” stirred the internet by claiming that life doesn’t stop once the body dies. The writer of this

Amazing Fireflies Photos

image credits take look at these awesome birds pictures also

Rainbow Roses

Rainbow roses are a lovely gift or great addition to any interior decor. On top of that rainbow roses can